The Roman Catholic And Eastern Orthodox Churches

ESL 084-07
The Eastern Orthodox Church

Ut unum sint
Ioannes Paulus PP. II

Since 1979 is a dialogue between the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church. In this dialogue they are discussing the mutual agreement between these two Churches. They want to re-establish the full communion between them.
These two Churches have a common celebration of the Holy Eucharist. They are dialoging that they can be together to profess the communion, faith, and truth. Also, they want the unity of the people of God. The Joint International Commission is looking for a positive solution to this problem between Catholic Church and Orthodox Church. As well as, they are looking for the basis doctrine is this sister Churches.
This dialogue between Catholic Church and Orthodox Church is for the full communion, dialogue of the truth, dialogue of charity, and in theological dialogue. In these dialogues they will only not promote these several commitments mentioned they also, are working for the unity.
In regard of these dialogues the Church of the east is in communion with Catholic Churches. Because many people from the Eastern Church are living with their brothers who follow the traditions of the West Church.
These two Churches only want the full communion between them, because they have the same Father through Christ in the Holly Spirit.

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