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The Giver describes a Utopian society. You will write summaries of each chapter. The chapters should be divided up among the students in the class. Each summary should be 75-100 words long.

Chapter 1

Jonas is an 11 year old boy. He lives in a town where supplies are airlifted to a spot across the river from their community rather than being brought in by truck. There had been an unexpected plane that landed nearby the previous year, and everyone was frightened. It had just been a new pilot who got lost, but he was "released". While Jonas doesn't tell us exactly what that means, we can guess that it isn't a good thing by the way Jonas talks about it. Being released is a very serious matter, and no one jokes about it.

Jonas' family discusses their feelings every evening. His sister Lily talks about a visitor to the school who hadn't obeyed the rules. She thought they behaved like animals. His father, who works with children, tells them about a baby boy who doesn't seem to be growing and developing like he should. The baby may be released. Lily would like to keep the child, but her parents remind her it is against the rules for a family to have more than one boy and one girl. Jonas' mother, who works in law enforcement somehow, talks about being worried about a man who has broken the rules twice and would have to be released if he does it a third time. Jonas talks about his fear about what will happen in the big meeting, the Ceremony of Twelve. At the end of this, Jonas' parents send Lily off and stay to speak to Jonas in private.

Chapter 2

In chapter two Jonas and his parents had a private conversation about the celebration of twelve on December. When they were in the conversation Jonas’ father mention something about the time when he was in that age. He said that he likes those ceremonies on Decembers. Then Jonas came in his mind when his parents brought Lily to the family and when she was named. All the conversation was about how the ceremonies are when they become twelve. Jonas’ father explain him how was his ceremony and he told him that he really enjoyed. His father mentioned when he was twelve he broke the rule with his sister because he taught her how to ride a bike and she was eleven. In that place they get their bike when they are nine, and his sister was eight. Then Jonas smiled because he broke the rule too with his sister who is seven years old.

After that they were talking what could be his assignment. But Jonas was worried about his friend Asher because he likes to play all time.
They told him that after the ceremony everything is going to change because he going to have a new friends.

Chapter 3

Jonas’ family has a new member. Father brings a new child called Gabriel. He is a little different, but he has a special characteristic as Jonas has, he has light eyes. Lily remarks it and express his idea about that baby could be from the same parents of Jonas. This chapter shows us that most children have dark eyes, but to have light eyes is not a problem. In that community there is not common to have mirrors, so Jonas is not so much interested on see how his eyes are like. He gets disappointed because of the comment and goes to his desk.

Lily tries to play with the baby, but he is almost slept so she gets quiet. She express her intention to become Birthmother at the proper time because she likes babies and she has heard that Birthmothers can do exercise and they have good food. Her mother replies to her that Birthmother is not as good as it seems, so her mother gave to her an advance to become a nurturer.

Jonas thinks that the better job for his sister could be a Speaker to pass the whole day talking by the microphone. Jonas is thinking about how his sister’s work could be, but at the same time he is reminding the announcement referring to an apple that he had taken home with him from his school. He took an apple and started to play with Asher, taking the apple throw and catching it.

Chapter 4

In this chapter Jonas went to see his friend Asher. Jonas rode his bike for the community structures. Hi passed by the Childcare Center where was his sister Lily then he passed by the school and the play areas. Then he rode through the Central Plaza, when he was outside he looked the nametags on the bicycles until saw his friend’s bicycle. Asher was doing hiss voluntary work in the House of the old. But also there was a girl Fiona.

Then Jonas went into the room to help the old people and there was Fiona they greeted. In there Jonas helped to an old lady to take a bath. But in that community it was against the rules to see somebody naked but that rules does not was apply for the babies and the old people. Then they were talking about the Edna and Robert.

Chapter 5

This Chapter shows us that every morning there is a ritual where family members tell their dreams. Jonas usually does not have a dream, but that morning he had something to tell. He dreams that he was in a house with some friend and he asked her to take her clothes and permit him to give her a bath.

His mother that that dream was something that happens to everyone at his age. His mother gave his a small pill as treatment and she said to him that pill must be taken every morning. He remembers that his parents and a friend also took that pill for the same reason. Some day he heard through the speakers that each one of the boys who have dreams like this must report them as soon as possible. He had dreams, but he did report them because he was afraid to be taken away for his treatment, just when his ceremony was coming.

Chapter 6

On chapter six in The Giver there were talking Jonas, Lily, and their mother about the emblem that they receive in their community in every Decembers. Lily was glad because only one more she has to wear ribbons. Then Jonas told her about the bicycle that she will receive in the ceremony of nine.

Then the ceremony came. For every in the community take two holidays they do not work. Then ceremony began with the newborn. All the newborn were named. Then all the ceremonies were in order according with the age. Then Lily’s turn came the ceremony of eight. Lily received her jacket and id the first time that the jacked has pockets that mean that she is mature. Suddenly, the nine and ten ceremony in all ceremonies they received something or they change something. The eleven ceremony was the most important for Jonas because the elevens to became twelve they change their cloth. Jonas is waiting that ceremony.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 shows us what is happening at the ceremony of twelve. It is the time to receive the assignments. Every child has a number assigned at birth and it is showing the order in which everyone was born. Jonas was nineteen and he is waiting to be called by the Chief Elder. Asher was called and he was assigned as Assistant director of recreation. Everybody was called except for Jonas. The Chief Elder skips over Jonas and for this, Jonas got embarrassed and worried; also, the audience was concerned about it.

Chapter 8

In this chapter the entire crow applauded for the final assignment. But they were confusing about the mistake that the elder made because she didn’t mention Jonas. Then the elder apologize to the crow but she especially apologizes to Jonas. Then the elder said that Jonas wasn’t assignment then she said Jonas was selected to be our next Receiver of Memory. Then she mentions that their community had mention one before but fail with that selection.

Then she said that they observed Jonas closely and they saw that he is intelligent, he has a good integrity in our community, he has courage, and he very brave. Also, she mentioned that Jonas had the Capacity to See Beyond. After that the elder told to Jonas, that he is going to be in training. She thanks him for his childhood. Now Jonas does not know what is going to come.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 comes after Jonas assignment. Here is where Jonas takes his piece of paper where the instructions are and start to read them. His training will be apart of the rest. He becomes to feel isolated from his friends and family. While Jonas read through the sheet, he found the exemptions he has as Receiver to the community. He could ask questions and receive answers; he cannon have access to medication, and he can tell lies. His world is changing because he is discovering new things that never imagined in his childhood.

Chapter 10

In this chapter Jonas is in his way to his first day of training in the Annex room he is talking with Fiona about all the things that had been happened. They knew that everything it was different since they became twelve. Then Jonas got to the Annex room he got into the room and he saw a lot of books. He meets an old man they greeting each other. They talked for a while about the time that the old man was selected when he became twelve. Then the old man told him that his job was to transmit all the memories that hi has in his mind about the past. They started they first day of training. In this chapter Jonas is going to have his first memory in the snow.

Chapter 11

The Giver put his hands on Jonas’s Back and Jonas felt the sensation of cold air. He experienced the sensation of going down hill on sled. He never felt or knew the sensation of any climate because in his community the climate was controlled to make more efficient the agriculture. The memory of snow was a distant one, but the Giver although has the honor to transmit Jonas the memories, he has not the power to bringing them back. Jonas had the memory of sunshine and also the memory of pain. Here is when Jonas, as receiver, asked how Jonas must call him and he said, the Giver.

Chapter 12

In this chapter Jonas’ mother asked about his dreams and Jonas smile because hi didn’t know how to lie. Then when Jonas when to the school everything was the same in his classroom everybody were talking about their first day of training and Jonas knew that couldn’t say anything about it. After that Jonas went to home riding his bike beside Fiona. Fiona was telling him about the day before that she was waiting for him outside the Annex room but he never came out of the room but Fiona was expecting that Jonas tell her something about his training but he didn’t.

Then Jonas saw Fiona’s hair changed as the apple days ago and the faces in the audience. The he went with the Giver and told him everything about it. And the Giver told him that was starting to see the colors. Then the Giver told him that will happen when he receive the memories. Now they are going to star the memory of rainbow.

Chapter 13

Jonas learns about all the different colors and begins to see them in his daily life. He wants to have the freedom to choose between things; but he realizes that if people had the power to make choices, they might make the wrong choices. He wishes his friends and family could see the world the way he sees it. After the Giver transmits the memory of an elephant, Jonas tries to give the memory to Lily and he wants that she will understand that her toy elephant is a representation of something that was real.
Jonas asked if the Giver is allowed to have spouse, and the Giver said that he did have a spouse now she lives with the Childless Adults, as almost all adults do when their children are grown. The Giver told Jonas that his life will be nothing more than the memories he possesses. When the new Receiver who was selected ten years before failed, all the memories she had received returned to the community, and the whole community suffered until the memories were assimilated. Jonas notices that the Giver’s memories give him pain, and he wonders what causes it. He also wonders what lies Elsewhere, beyond his community. The Giver decides to give Jonas a memory of strong pain so that he can bear some of the Giver’s pain for him.

Chapter 14

In this chapter Jonas can feel the pain. In this memory Jonas was terrified because he can feel how his leg twisted and he can hear the crack of bone. Then when he woke up he saw that he was in the Annex room and his face was wet with tears he was terrified, but he can feel that his leg was able to move. Then Jonas remembers that the elder told him that he was brave.

Then the Giver game to Jonas a memory of sail on a blue-green lake and orange sunset between the mountains. Then the Giver told him about why they have those kinds of memories. The Giver told him that memories give them the wisdom and they can advise the elder when they need them. Then he went back to home and his parents were discussing about Gabriel that don’t let them to sleep well. The Jonas told them that he could care Gabriel for that night. Then Jonas transmits to Gabriel the memory of the ocean but he knows that he wasn’ the Giver yet.

Chapter 15

Jonas found the Giver in pain, and the Giver asked him to take some of that pain away. The Giver transmitted the memory of a battlefield. Jonas felt that pain and could give water to a soldier who was hurt at the battle, and then Jonas saw the soldier die. All around the field was full of horses, cannons, and bleed people.

Chapter 16

In this chapter Jonas don’t want to go back to his training because he don’t want to feel any more pain and loneliness. Then the Giver gave him more memories. He saw birthday party. He visited museums and saw paintings. Also he walked in the woods.
In this chapter Jonas fell pain of loss and loneliness. Also, Jonas saw old people in a reunion. He learned that those people are grandparents. Then Jonas can understand the word of Love. Then he went to his house and Jonas asked to his father if he loves him, and his father reply him that word was to general so they should say do you enjoy me. Jonas also can understand the where the old people come from he realize that those people are grandparents.

Chapter 17

An uncommon holiday was declared in the community. Jonas experiences that the feelings his family feel are nothing like the feelings he knows through his memories.
Jonas refuses participate in a game with his friends because he recognizes they are playing a war game. He tries to explain this to his friends that that game is about cruel and horrible reality, but they get disappointed. He left his friends knowing that they cannot understand the things as he does.
At home, Gabriel has learned to walk and to say his name. Jonas’s father talks about the release and that he will select the child with the lowest weight.

Chapter 18

Jonas and the Giver were talking about the release. Then Jonas asked to the Giver the name for the last receiver. The Giver told him “Rosemary” was her name. Then the Giver told him how important was Rosemary for him. The Giver told him how he loves her as he loves Jonas too. The Giver said that she wasn’t strong enough for the memories of pain. Then Rosemary asked to the elders for her own release. After Rosemary left the community it was a disaster because the community was suffering about the memories that lost but the community doesn’t no like that.

Chapter 19

Jonas is curious about release because his father is going to do it. The Giver remains Jonas that he is allowed to ask whatever question he wants, and also he can watch a video of the releases. Jonas watched the release’s video where his father injects something in the veins of the boy; Jonas realizes that the baby is dead. Jonas watched how his father put the body of the child in a dark window.
Jonas felt sad when he realizes what release really is. He starts crying and refuses to go home with his family, knowing that his father lied to him about what would happen to the twin.

Chapter 20

In this chapter after Jonas saw how they did a release he cried and he spent that night with the Giver because he wasn’t able to see his father. Then the Giver told him that it is the way that they kill the people. The people who broke the rules for three times and for all old people too. So, Jonas asked about Fiona who was in old house. The Giver told him that she was very efficient and she was training for that too. “But the Giver said that feelings weren’t part of Fiona’s life you know Jonas that only you have feelings the Giver said. After that they were talking about how the community can hold the memories for themselves. So, they planed about Elsewhere. Then when it was two weeks for December the Giver gave to Jonas all the memories, because Jonas will need it for his journey to Elsewhere. Then Jonas asked to the Giver to come with him but the Giver told him that his job was finished. Suddenly the Giver thanks to Jonas because he said that without Jonas he couldn’t figure out how to bring change to the community. Then the Giver told him that he is living with her daughter Rosemary.

Chapter 21

Jonas was forced to escape far away. His father told Jonas’s family that Gabriel couldn’t sleep through the night. Gabriel’s release would be next day. Jonas took his father bicycle, food, and left his home. Jonas rid all night long resting during the day. Jonas transmitted memories to Gabriel in order to make him sleep.

Chapter 22

Jonas in this chapter he started to ride his bike during the day because he twister his ankle and it was very painful. Also, they were hunger and Jonas tried to catch fish but he couldn’t and they ate bird. Then it was raining and Jonas and Gabriel were very happy. Jonas in his twelve years in the community he never felt moments of happiness.
In this chapter Jonas saw deer and many other things that he didn’t know how were called. Everything was new for him.

Chapter 23

One day it started to snow and Jonas’s bicycle did not work. It was difficult to climb the hill before them. Jonas tried to remember the memories of sunshine and the feeling of warmth that it produces in order to reach the top of the hill.
Jonas could see something like houses, lights, and much more ahead. He thought that families in those houses keep memories and feel love each others.

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