Some Utopian Communities

ESL 086-07
What is a Utopia? WebQuest

As you read about different Utopian communities, summarize your findings here. Be sure to tell how these communities do and don't match the dictionary definitions you found.

Utopian States

Utopian States is an organization that tempts to be living in government environment. This organization is a more perfect in the United States of America. They are making changes all the time because they want to be the best.
In Utopian States the competition is between the states because facilitate them the evolution of government and society. This organization took some ideas from the book of Genesis about the Garden of Eden. In this garden they cultivate weeds and beautiful flowers.
In this organization allow the people to do whatever they want to do. But, they can banish the people if somebody do some injury to other. In this association is large, strong, and powerful they do not force to the people to change in their lifestyle or in their individual morality. They look for politicians who know what is going on in their lives, jobs, homes, and towns. In others words they want to collect people with great knowledge.
Utopian Sates do not believe in the theories for example in Darwin’s theory. They believe in their own theories they believe that the society will help to the society. Also, they have many goals and inspirations. For instance, No taxes for the middle class, no taxes for a business of 5 persons or smaller and many others. Utopian States is an organization more based in the politician people.

Utopian World Organization

Utopian World is an organization that is more focus in the children. In this organization the children are first. Here in Utopian World most of the parents give freely love, time, and energy to their children. The parents have to sacrifice themselves for the children and this organization they do not have proved their love to the children with death. They have to live to protect the children in future. Also, they do not demonstrate their love to the children with economic stuff they prove their love to the children with a really depth and strong patience.
Another way to prove the parents’ love the children is with their own responsibility in their actions. The parents need to be very mature members in their society because their responsibility is to raise the children with very healthy and prepare the children to be successful in the future.
Utopian World as any other organization has some challenges. These challenges are drugs in young people, poverty, discrimination, unemployment people, and weaknesses in Education system, lack knowledge, and lack of self-control from the parents and many others. These challenges provoke to the children do not have the opportunity for the education. Some all this happened because the parents are too young and they are no prepared to arise the children.

Victory City

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Utopia means an imaginary country or community that represents an ideal or perfect society as actually existing. In my first selection, Victory City, I found some characteristics that surprised me because they look so incredible to do in our days. Victory City is an ideal City operated by private enterprise looking for improve the quality life an, as its inventor Orville Simpson II said “To keep the human race going.” In his mind are some changes to do it, incredible changes, for example, No city taxes, but free services, health insurance paying the home rent, more free time to enjoy family, and more people in small geographic area. I think Victory City is not completely a model City for the future because no matter what they leave or get, that City is going to be a luxury jail because there are no recreational places, hotels, airports, beaches, nor facilities to make happy the human life. The perfect place is not only where there are not crimes, attacks, or poverty but where happiness, spiritual and physical peace is.


Twin Oaks

My second selection was the Twin Oaks. It is a hundred people community where there is no central leader but managers, planners, and committees who regulate them. People there work 42 hours, and everything is gave by the community, house, food, health care, etc. In contrast with Victory City, Twin oakers are politically interested in issues of peace, ecology, antiracism, and much more. Like I said above, I think that it small community has left away some important issues to the human beings because not everything is to protect but also change the human falls. Their idea of take care of the forest and taking advantage of it in the right way is fabulous, but certainly in our days we are adopted by the technology and progress. It is a good idea to keep our nature, but it is important also to walk next to the progress. The ideal City takes place wherever can socialize present and past, government and people, forest and city habitants.**italic text//

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