Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox Dialog

ESL 084-07
The Eastern Orthodox Church
The Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultaion.
by The Official Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation in the United Stated.

The dialogue between Oriental Orthodox Church and Catholic Church was established in 1978, they have meetings once a year. The chairman from the Oriental Orthodox Church is Rev. Chor-Episcopos John Meno. John Meno is also responsible for other Orthodox Churches. In Roman Catholic Church the chairman is Bishop Howard Hubbard. These two guys are in front of the dialogue between these two Churches.
The Roman Catholic Churches and Oriental Orthodox Churches share in the same Spirit of the Son of God. Both Churches have holy traditions and they give to all people spirituality from the Gospel. They share the same Christian Love, Love one and other.
With the spirit they begin their sessions of conversation. Both Churches know that they are called to be in community like the Trinity.
This dialogue makes detectable the manifestation of the love in these two Churches. The propose for all these dialogues is to be acceptable the profession of faith, communion of life, and life of faith. Also, these dialogues encourage the growth in doctrinal, spiritual traditions, and liturgical life in both Churches. At same time they want to preach the Gospel around the world.
As a result of the separation between these two Churches that took place many centuries ago, both Churches have members and particular local communities this practice is contrary to the demands of an ecclesial dialogue in love, which assumes that both Churches, should live in a communion where respects the ancient traditions and styles of life of one another.

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