Rockwell'S Art

ESL 086-07
Norman Rockwell And An American Utopia

Here you can describe some of Rockwell's art.

Five pictures description

Surprise * - Post cover 3/17/56, A tribute to Rockwell's favorite 8th grade teacher, Miss Smith.
In this picture I see five children in total. Three of them are boys and two are girls they are sitting in a classroom they are facing to the their teacher who is in front of them. There is a desk with some things on it, a chair, and a blackboard with some phrases “happy birthday Miss Smith, surprise.” It said, in this picture look like the children are celebrating in the classroom the teacher’s birthday.

In the picture of the Family I can see four members of a family: the father, mother, daughter, and son. This family looks like they are dressing good cloth all of them look really happy because they are laughing. The father and mother are behind the girl and the boy.

Love Ouang 1936
In the picture of Love Ouang are eight people seven of them are black and one is white. Three of these seven black people are children, and four are adults. The white person there is a young woman. The four adults are looking at the white woman, two of them are sitting next to her, and the other two are behind the bench where is the white woman. The three children are next to the two adults and one of these three children is a girls and she is praying. In this picture shows like the white woman is afraid to the black people.

Freedom from want
In the pictures of Freedom from Want are eleven people who are sitting at the table getting to be ready to eat. Four of them are adult men, four are adult women, one is a child that is sitting at the corner of the table, and other one who is at the left side of the lady who has the turkey in her hands look like he is young man. Every thing on the table looks very fancy. It looks like is a big family celebrating some festivity and everybody look really happy.

Southern Justice (Murder in Mississippi)
In the picture of Southern Justice are three young men two of them are white and one is black. One of the white guys is on the ground looks like is hurt. The black guy is hurt too and almost he felt down to the ground, but the other white guy is trying to help the black guy. There on the ground are many rocks and sticks.

**Seasons and holydays:
In that painting, I can see two happy people, maybe they are southern siblings. They are on camp before a tree, the man is painting a face on the kite and his sister is watching to him, also there are some cows far away and one dog beside them. The boy is seated on a box.

In this painting I can see a soldier father who is feeding his daughter. He is wearing his uniform, his boots, and beside him is his gun. He looks happy and his daughter is seeing him some happy and some sad. She is seated on the box and he on the bed, they are in a room that looks dirty or almost empty.

I can see in this painting one little kid, it is impossible to know if boy or girl, who has one sandwich. He is very happy and his pet, a puppy, is there. His puppy is trying to eat the kid’s sandwich. They are playing passing good time although behind them all is red.

At work:
There are three children and one dog running around the postal worker in this painting. Children are happy because the postal worker has gifts and probably the children want some of those gifts for them. All around is full of snow so they are celebrating Christmas.

Our life:
There are many people walking on the street and I can see some vehicles on the road, but also there is a big Church, like a Cathedral as a principal building in that picture, there is one person in the stairs and other in the front door. There are doves flying from the Church through the air.**

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