Norman Rockwell Biography

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Norman Rockwell And An American Utopia

Norman Rockwell biography
Norman Rockwell was born in 1894 in New York City. Rockwell when he was fourteen years old was enrolling in artistic classes. After that he started to study at The National Academic of Design in 1910. Then days before his sixteen birthdays Rockwell did his first painting of four Christmas cards.
When Rockwell was 21 his family moved to New Rochelle, New York. At the age of twenty-two years he did his first cover of The Saturday Evening Post in 1916. In the same year Rockwell married Irene O’connor, and they divorced in 1930. in the same year Rockwell married Mary Barstow. They had three children then in 1939 he moved with his family to Arlington.
In 1943 Norman Rockwell did four paintings of freedom these paintings are, Freedom Worship, Freedom Speech, Freedom from want, and Freedom from fear. With these four paintings were successful.
In 1953 the family moved to Massachusetts. Then 1957 Rockwell’s wife passes way four years later Rockwell married Molly Punderson. Rockwell received the most important civilian of Freedom in 1977.

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**Norman Percevel Rockwell was a painter born in New York City on February 3, 1984. He became famous because of his paintings at the magazine The Saturday Evening Post. He started to study at the Chase Art School at the age of 16, he continued his studies on the National Academy of Design, and finished them in the Art Students League. At the age of 19 he became the art editor of the post Boy’s Life. In 1913 was his first magazine cover, Scout at Ship’s Wheel.
Rockwell produced at least 4000 paintings, but some of them were destructed or damaged. Some others in well condition are valuable on thousands of dollars. His paintings show the idealism or sentimentalism of the American life, for example, the Four Freedoms. Rockwell died on November 8, 1978 of emphysema at the age of 84 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.**//italic text//

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