Moving Images Of A Utopia

ESL 086-07

We will watch 2 movies as a class: The Village and Minority Report.

After you watch the movies, you will write reviews of them here.

If you don't want to review one of these movies, you may select another movie that in some way deals with the concept of Utopia and write about it instead. You might consider watching and reviewing one of these movies:

  • The Island
  • I, Robot
  • Pleasantville
  • The Matrix

For information on how to write a movie review, look at these websites.


Each review should be about 200-350 words and will be graded according to the essay grading rubric. Early drafts may be submitted on Moodle if you would like me to give you feedback on them. before you post them to the wiki.

ESL 086-07

The Village
This is a drama and mysterious history in a small village that lives in fear for a creature. Ivy who is a blind girl in this film she is who have the courage to go out of the village to find some medicine. This movie shows another life stile where everybody looks to have a good behavior.
This film was writing by M Night Shayamala who was nominated for two Oscars. This movie took place in the 1819s. The main actors in The Village are William Hurt (Mr. Walker) who won an Oscar in 1986 as the best actor. Joaquin Phoenix (Lucius Hunt), Adrien Brody (Noah Percy) who won an Oscar in 2003 as the Best Actor, and Bryce Dallar Howard (Ivy Walker). This film came out in 2005, the rated P.G-13
In this film Mr. Walter (William Hurt) and the others elder of the Village work very hard to protect their citizens to have a good life. Then the next generation by Ivy and Lucius are going to discover the reality of their lives.
This movie is good to watch it because you will see another way life where that people can live without violence. This film shows a utopia idea. I recommend this movie for young people and adults.

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