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ESL 086-07
Moving Images of a Utopia

Reviews of Utopian / Dystopian Movies

The Village
Just when everybody was scared about what was happening at the village, the elder gave permission to his daughter to go town and bring some medicines to the Village. In her small trip, the elder’s daughter discovers that all what is known at the Village is false.
The Village is a M. Night Snayamalan’s movie that takes place on 1819’s as an example of utopia. Rated PG-13 it movie is starred by William Hurt (Mr. Walker), Joaquin Phoenix (Luscious), Adrien Brody (Noah), and Sigourney Weaver (Mrs. Hunt). It was filmed in 2005. The movie shows us the idea of the Utopia.
A secret community formed by a group of friends, the elders, in a small village tries to be the perfect society. The elders created the community rules, and also some myths to maintain reunited the community. Some day everything is out of control and it permits the truth comes on and makes the elders change some of their rules.
The blind daughter of one of the elders is who achieve the dream to go town to bring back some medicines. She is an important character because she can perceive things that others are not able to perceive. She is who finally makes things change into the Village.
I recommend the movie for adults because sometimes it is not as clear as seems like. The theme, Utopia, is an important one because it is something that could be possible at least in small communities like the Village. The movie also teaches us that no matter what our limitation are, we always have some other abilities to grow up and with that we can change everything around us.

Minority Report

It is a movie based on Philip K. Dick short story published in 1956. The story refers to realities that are created by anticipated news when the chief of police intercepts a guess that he will kill a man that he never have met with. As some stories dealing with knowledge of future events, the minority report leave the question about the existence of free will.
Directed by Steven Spielberg, it is a movie starred by Tom Cruise (John Anderton), Colin Farrell (Danny Witwer), Max Von Sydow (Lamar Burguess), and Samantha Morton (Agatha). It movie takes place on Washington in the year 2054. A chief of the police department of pre-crime is condemned by his own creation. The pre-crime organization tries to make Washington a safeties place to live in.
In a futurist society, there is a police department called pre-crime. It is a John Anderton’s creation. After time, the pre-crime department is trying to catch up John Anderton because he is going to kill somebody in the future. He met with some people trying to escape of his persecutors and trying to find the minority report, kind of data base, which will help him to be free.
John Anderton comes back to the central department of pre-crime agency and kidnaps one of the pre-cogs (Agatha). She is the most important tool to find the minority report and finish his persecution. It is one of the main scenes because John and Agatha must succeed a lot of troubles before they could complete what John wants to do with her.
I do not really recommend the movie. It is unclear and is kind of confused sometimes. It is s hard to understand the real sense of the movie.

Esteban Garcia

The Village
This is a drama and mysterious history in a small village that lives in fear for a creature. Ivy who is a blind girl in this film she is who have the courage to go out of the village to find some medicine. This movie shows another life stile where everybody looks to have a good behavior.
This film was writing by M Night Shayamala who was nominated for two Oscars. This movie took place in the 1819s. The main actors in The Village are William Hurt (Mr. Walker) who won an Oscar in 1986 as the best actor. Joaquin Phoenix (Lucius Hunt), Adrien Brody (Noah Percy) who won an Oscar in 2003 as the Best Actor, and Bryce Dallar Howard (Ivy Walker). This film came out in 2005, the rated P.G-13
In this film Mr. Walter (William Hurt) and the others elder of the Village work very hard to protect their citizens to have a good life. Then the next generation by Ivy and Lucius are going to discover the reality of their lives.
This movie is good to watch it because you will see another way life where that people can live without violence. This film shows a utopia idea. I recommend this movie for young people and adults.

Minority Report

This is an action movie where shows a utopian view. This film show special effects about the future in the United States. In the movie the story is showing technology advances in how to stop the delinquency.
This movie was produce by Steven Spielberg in 2002. As category PG-13 have some strong science and some type of violence. Other than that Tom Cruise who is the Chief John Anderton, Max von Sydom is acting in this movie as the Director Lamar Burgess, and Jessica Capshow who is Evanna who is a great actress too.
I think that this was a good film but I personally do not like this type of movies I watched because Tom Cruise is really famous actor. I do not recommended this movie because you will see fights between police and delinquency and others scenes that can be not true.

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