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Jesus Prayer
ESL 084-07

Experience the Jesus Prayer
This article says that people can feel the presence of God in our lives by praying. They said that prayer only could consist by asking many things to God. That king of prayer is good but no all ways can prayer in that way. Prayer also should include thanksgiving, and praise.
The Jesus prayer is very simple. “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner” this prayer comes from Luke 18:10-14. This kind of prayer has to repeat it in our minds approximately fifteen minutes. There is another prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.” these kinds of prayer help us to be connected with God.
These prayers are a type of meditation because people have to put it in their minds. Also, is very useful to put it in practice in our lives.
With Jesus prayer people can be closer to God through his Son Jesus Christ.

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Easter Theology has enriched the whole Church.

Eastern Christianity has some perspectives to the whole Church. The Church knows that God is who united. There is an important development between eighteen and nineteen century after “iconoclast” crisis some Byzantine emperors provoked that. After that this emperor decided to venerate the sacred images. Some of these images represent the fact that Jesus became man. The mystery of these images helps us to feel the presence of God in our lives.
In the East the method of prayer is with a tranquility of the spirit. Also, the name of Jesus is invoking constantly. There are some facts that Catholic and Orthodox Church have in common. Both Churches recognize the brotherhood in the spirit. Also, they recognize the new Christian development.

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