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The Eastern Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church in America
By Fr. John Matusiak

The Orthodox Church in America was founded in Alaska in 1794 when eight Orthodox missionaries arrived in that place. As they did a great job around the area and they had a great answer from the people. They brought many Orthodox Christian people in that place. They started as Orthodox Church in America. These missionaries came from Valaamo monastery close to Russia.
The Orthodox Church in America growth in America there are now all around United States, Mexico, and Canada. They have approximately 700 parishes, missions, communities, and monasteries. The Orthodox Church in America is to go around the world and bring the word of the Lord our Father. They teaching the Gospel of the Lord in different languages as the apostles did.
Then in 1820s Father John as he did a good job as a missionary he brought over more Orthodox Christians. As a result of all his great work as missionary he was elected to the episcopacy and he was named of Innocent. After that bishop Innocent returned to Russia. Then when he was there he was named Metropolitan of Moscow. In 1977 the Russian Orthodox Church as a Saint of the same Church canonized Bishop Innocent.
Saint Innocent is one of the many saints that Orthodox Church in America have. There are others Saints like St. Peter, St. Juvenal, St. Alexander, St. john Kochurov, and some others more. All these saints are only from the Orthodox Church in America. As you can see they have their own saints.
The Orthodox Church in America believes that they are the first Christian Church. There is a controversy between Catholic and the Orthodox because the Catholics said that the Orthodox is protestant and the Orthodox said that the protestant are the Catholic. The Catholic Church broke communion with the Orthodox Church in 11th century.
If you want to be a member of the Orthodox Church in America is to be faithful to the Church. And to be a witnesses of the God’s grace and the Holly spirit. As the others Christians Churches the Orthodox Church are struggling with the same problems of the society like young people in alcohol, and drug addiction. They are looking for the peace in the world too.

The Orthodox Worship
by Rev. Alciviadis C. Calvas, Th . D., Holly Cross

The Orthodox Church came from the Catholic Church. They separated from the Catholic Church in 312. The Orthodox Church is the second biggest Christina Church in the world, and they are the only ones who keep the traditions since the beginning of the Christianity. Also, they keep worship to the most venerable saints they are very liturgical, and very feast.
The Orthodox Church was recognition as official religion at the ends of 312. It recognized by the Emperor Constantine. There two calendars the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar it was named Julian for the fist attributed Roman Imperators Julius Caesar. The other calendar was named Gregorian because the POPE Gregory VIII corrected it in the 26th century.
Orthodox Church it a Catholic Apostolic Church because is universal. Also, is called like that because is only one true church. The first separation was in the fifth and sixth century. The Orthodox Church has their own saints and feasts.

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