Further Investigation Of Utopia

ESL 086-07

From now until the end of the semester, you will be working on your final paper to document further investigation of and original thinking about the idea of a Utopia.

The type of paper you write is pretty much up to you. Some suggestions are:

  • a research paper on a Utopian community
  • a summary-analysis paper on Sir Thomas More's Utopia
  • an argumentative paper on the idea of Utopian communities
  • a description of the Utopian community you would want to live in
  • an analysis of monasteries as Utopian communities

I am open to other ideas, too, if you would like to discuss them with me. I want this to be something you are interested in.

So, first of all, think about the topic and try to narrow down the kind of paper you might want to write. Then begin to locate materials. As you are doing this, add them to the Utopia Bibliography. You will be given one point, up to twenty, for each source you correctly post to the bibliography.

Then you will do Writing Assignment #6, an annotated bibliography.

The next step is your final paper. This is due on May 9th by 12:00 noon. No papers will be accepted after that time.

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