Behold The Beauty Of The Lord

ESL 084-07

As we read this book, you are to write a brief description of each icon and a brief explanation of what Nouwen says about it here.

-The Icon of the Holly Trinity

The Icon of the Holly Trinity painted by Andrew Rubler in 1425 in memory of the Russian Saint Sergius.
Praying in silent in from this icon this man went through the contemplation. He said that the prayer takes place in the heard that speaks in the heard of God. In this painting the three persons in this picture had a significant point. The rectangular by the three persons in the altar is the sacrifice for the salvation of the world.

In this icon something that call my attention is: there are three persons and the three persons are young and their faces are almost the same. This three person are one in the Holly Spirit. So, usually in many painting they represent God Father as an old man and we really do not if he is old or not.

The icon of the Virgin of Vladlimir
In the beginning of the 12th century the icon of the Virgin of Vladlimir was painted by an anonymous Greet artist. Then around 1183 it was brought from Contantinople to Kiev. After 20 years the icon was brought from Kiev to Vladimir. Now has been in Moscow for the six past centuries.
This is a miracle icon because it had been escaped from several fires without damage. The movements of the Virgin holding the little child reveal to whom we belong. Her eyes and her hands have something representative. The meaning of the aye is that see always have the contact with the whole world, and reveal the creator and the constant union with God. In her hands is not only holding the child she is offering to us her son. So, this man discovers that we belong to God.
At the first time that saw the painting I saw sorrow in the Virgin’s eyes. It looks like she is suffering for us. But she is not because she is looking us all time. It is amazing to know how this painting escapes from fires. That made think that she is a live. Also, I think that her left hand and part of the right are kind of darker as result of those fires because I do not understand what can that mean. I really impress about the history of this icon.


Andrew Rubler painted the icon of the Savior of Zvenigoro at the beginning of the 15th century. He painted it for a Church in Zvenigorod Russia. Then the icon was named “Savior of Zvenigorod”. In 1918 this icon was encounter in a barn near to the Cathedral of the Assumption. The icon of Savior of Zvenigorod has some color on it that have a special meaning. As such as blue and red: Blue represent humanity, and red represent divinity in this icon. Also, in hits icon we can see him face to face, if we see him directly on his eyes we can feel close to him.
When I saw the icon for the first time. I saw the damage on it but I never thought that this icon was found it in a barn. The first thing that came to my mind was about the life of Jesus who gave himself for us. Also, I never thought about the meanings that the icon has about the colors and about the sight.


A Russian man painted this icon at the end of the 15th century. The icon of the Holly Spirit represents the unity of the Holly Spirit and the unity of the community. This icon has on it meanings that represent the Holy Spirit, e.g. the twelve rays in the top symbolize the fullness of the twelve disciple have received because God has risen and He is who lives in them. . Another meaning that this icon has is the dark door in the bottom that represents the liberation of the world.
The icon of the Holy Spirit the twelve disciples are very harmonious as a community because they form the body of Christ. Also, in this icon each disciple have their own personality, and each of them are telling their own story.
In this icon I couldn’t see anything special that call my attention. After, I read about the icon it was when made sense to me. The meaning that the icon has I never thought about it before I read it. To me this icon is interesting if you know something about the icons.

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